Being flexible allows us to find new opportunities.

During our 35 years of experience in commercial real estate, The David Associates has weathered global financial crises, economic booms, and even Mother Nature with adaptability and fortitude.

From the astronomical growth of the economy in the 1990s when we focused on developing properties, to the refinancing expertise needed to guide us through the global financial crisis in the early 2000s, The David Associates is proud to have proven the resilience and flexibility to adapt and always find new ways to thrive.

Our founder, Al Marulli, looks back at the endurance of The David Associates through these times with appreciation and empathy, and thus takes special pleasure in providing his insight and knowledge to any and all entities in the commercial real estate industry.

We Can

  • Plan a strategy with new asset owners
  • Consult commercial real estate investors and JV partners
  • Strategize monetization
  • Provide lease analysis
  • Provide portfolio reviews
  • Assist with the refinancing process
  • Strategize disposition of an asset
  • Provide custom solutions

For Property Owners

From a la carte services to comprehensive portfolio management, The David Associates
has the real estate expertise to guide you through your transactions with peace of mind.

we are happy to strategize

a custom solution

that meets your needs

Contact us to discuss a consultation plan that meets your needs.