The David Associates’ leasing team finds businesses their home.

Our team is dedicated to matching your business with the right office space, in a location best suited to help the business thrive. Because we believe your success and ours are one in the same.

Our Leasing Team has signed a combined

10,000 Leases

We Can

  • Assess your business needs
  • Find the right office space to suit your business size
  • Help determine the best location for your business to thrive
  • Arrange lease terms in your best interest
  • Stay in continued contact with you after lease-signing to ensure your leasing needs are being met
  • Assist with your lease renewals, amendments and other adjustments
  • Help you expand and contract office spaces as your company needs
  • Help you relocate or expand to our other properties

Our leasing team is a group of dedicated professionals with 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. Not only are our team members devoted to the industry, we are also passionate, long-term residents of the cities where we lease, and know the areas’ local businesses like the back of our hands. Our leasing team assists all different sizes of business – from one-person companies to headquarters of national franchises – find the right space for their needs.

For Property Owners

Our leasing team can also be utilized through our Property Management product.

The David Associates has leased over

100,000 Square feet

of third-party properties

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