Lake Worth Office Space Available for Lease

In addition to our presence in downtown West Palm Beach, we also have several commercial real estate properties in Lake Worth. Home to dental and medical facilities, with plenty of available parking and strategic access to highways, shopping and restaurants for clients and staff to grab a quick bite, you will love your Lake Worth Office Space!

Lake Worth Office Space

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224 Datura Street

Walker’s Paradise

Walk Score of 224 Datura Street West Palm Beach FL 33401Transit Score of 224 Datura Street West Palm Beach FL 33401

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What is a city Walk Score? West Palm Beach has a high score, specifically downtown!

While the city revs up to increase it’s “walkability,” there are many great projects looming on the horizon. We have added some new and exciting tenants to both the Harvey Building and the Comeau Building, such as marketing agency Pathos. Once the full scope of the Clematis Street renovation projects is achieved, Clematis Street and downtown is sure to live up to it’s “walker’s paradise” title! So, what is a “Walk Score”?

Walk Score measures the walkability of any address, Transit Score measures access to public transit, and Bike Score measures whether a location is good for biking.

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National Best Friend’s Day! Harvey Building Tenants Photoshoot

Today is National Best Friend’s Day, and tenants at the Harvey Building had an impromptu photoshoot using the beautiful historic details this gorgeous building has to offer!

Several tenants and even visitors have used the building’s exceptional details for their photoshoots, this adorable shoot just happened to fall on National Best Friend’s Day!

Marketing firm 3BlueMedia, a Harvey Building Tenant, created Daamn! App. It is  a styling app whose mission is to empower confidence.

“The concept is simple- sign up, log in, take a photo of your outfit or yourself and ask a stylist whatever question you may have related to your attire and accessories. In minutes (often less than one minute), you receive a response from a vetted stylist or fashion blogger who really knows their stuff. End result: You get an impartial opinion, you feel more confident in your choices (whether or not you follow the advice is totally up to you) and all you had to do was take a photo of yourself or your clothes.
In an ever-changing world where there are so many sources of stress, your outfit shouldn’t be one! Download the Daamn! App on Itunes or check out their site for how-to instructions!”

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Photos by: Kat Galagarra







Greensboro, North Carolina Commercial Real Estate Tenants RunnerDudes Fitness Celebrate Global Running Day with a Group Run!



North Carolina Commercial Real Estate Tenants RunnerDudes celebrated Global Running Day by hosting a free #run group, their 7th celebratory race to date! Thad McLaurin is host of The Runner Dudes Blog, and is the author of “Full Body Fitness for Runners”.

One of their upcoming races is “Run The Boro”, on 6/16/2018

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162 Countries
283,720 People
June 6, 2018

Documentary photographer and one of our downtown commercial real estate tenants published in National Travel Magazine

Documentary photographer, photojournalist and one of our downtown commercial real estate tenants, Marisa Marulli has recently been published in AFAR magazine for her expedition in Siberia!

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Comeau Building Tenant Quantuvis shares her vision with the Palm Beach Post

A few excerpts from the Palm Beach Post article below, to read the full article, please click on the link below:

“Long before she founded and led companies, Lisa Bair sold fried chicken in brown polyester bell-bottom pants one summer after high school. She took the initiative to sew her way into an updated straight-leg look.

“I almost got fired for defacing the corporate uniform,” she said.

Conformity was “not my strong suit,” she realized.

She would go on to tailor much more ambitious business plans. As founder and CEO of Quantuvis LLC, a healthcare information technology company based in West Palm Beach, she says the firm is out to improve on “manual and highly inefficient” methods often involved in the business of getting prescription drugs into the hands of consumers.

“Through the use of our technology, we help managed-care companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers save time, reduce errors and improve financial performance through streamlined drug rebate negotiation and management,” she said. The ultimate goal: “providing more affordable patient access to their medications,” she said.

The tenant also spoke about having a downtown office space and expressed the vibrant energy that comes with having a space in Downtown West Palm Beach  “When I walk outside from our offices on Clematis Street, I feel a new energy, a vibe that comes from a younger generation who have chosen Palm Beach County for both personal and professional reasons, and it is nice to be a part of that growth,” she said.

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