National Best Friend’s Day! Harvey Building Tenants Photoshoot

Today is National Best Friend’s Day, and tenants at the Harvey Building had an impromptu photoshoot using the beautiful historic details this gorgeous building has to offer!

Several tenants and even visitors have used the building’s exceptional details for their photoshoots, this adorable shoot just happened to fall on National Best Friend’s Day!

Marketing firm 3BlueMedia, a Harvey Building Tenant, created Daamn! App. It is  a styling app whose mission is to empower confidence.

“The concept is simple- sign up, log in, take a photo of your outfit or yourself and ask a stylist whatever question you may have related to your attire and accessories. In minutes (often less than one minute), you receive a response from a vetted stylist or fashion blogger who really knows their stuff. End result: You get an impartial opinion, you feel more confident in your choices (whether or not you follow the advice is totally up to you) and all you had to do was take a photo of yourself or your clothes.
In an ever-changing world where there are so many sources of stress, your outfit shouldn’t be one! Download the Daamn! App on Itunes or check out their site for how-to instructions!”

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Photos by: Kat Galagarra